Travis' Mission

Travis' Mission

Monday, October 10, 2011

The ups and downs of a mission

This week has been crazy.  So much happened that I have no idea where to begin.  On Tuesday we had a district meeting, and afterwards i went on a change for a day with my Zone Leader Elder Hafen.  It was very interesting going to a different area with a different companion, but i loved it.  Elder Hafen is a really great elder, and he taught me a lot.  After lunch it poured rain and we got soaked.  We taught many lessons, found a new family, and we got a couple to commit to baptism.  at the end of the day there was a very powerful experience when we taught 2 young women with 2 members.  The spirit was so strong, and the lesson was delivered very well.  After I gave the first vision, all the girls in the room were crying.  we challenged them to baptism and they excepted! The spirit was so strong, words cannot describe.  After we left my comp and I couldn't hold it in and we gave each other big hugs, and we danced in the rain.  The next day i was with my comp Elder Neher in my area.  I found out that while i was gone when one our super amazing converts that was baptized a month ago wants nothing to do with the church.  His name is Elvin, he is 21, and he is black. (there are actually a lot of black people here .  They are called Garifunas, and there is a huge colony in our area.  They are really cool, they speak Spanish, but they also have there own language, and there food is amazing).  After Elvin went to conference he said that they talked too much about the Book of Mormon, and not enough about Jesus Christ.  He said that he had a revelation and said that the church wasn't true.  It was really sad to hear because we were preparing him to go on a mission because he was so strong and so excited.  Words cannot describe the pain that we felt because of how much we love him.  He gave away his Book of Mormon to a member with a letter saying that he wants his name taken from the church.  we cried, and i spent a long time on my knees that night. 
Thursday was amazing.  we had a Zone meeting in San Pedro Sula with 4 other zones and the Mission President.  we spent 5 hours there, they taught us some great stuff, and the spirit was very strong.  it is so much fun to be together with so many missionaries.  My mission President is amazing, and i love him so much.  The zone meeting was a lot of fun.  The streets of San Pedro Sula are crazy, and you always have to be on your toes.  The drivers here are insane, and they wont slow down if you are in the way.  We take rapiditos to get back to our area, which involves cramming 20-30 people into a van.  It really fun, especially when you are the only white kid and every looks at you.
Saturday we had a baptism, and it was so much fun.  Her name is Paolo, she is 13, and she goes to seminary.  The seminary teacher baptized her.  Half the ward showed up, and her whole family was their.  4 of our investigators showed up, and they loved it.  It was a wonderful teaching experience which should really help the missionary work progress.
Sunday she received the Holy Ghost, and 5 of our investigators came to church.  The work is progressing so much.  It helps to have such a great ward that helps out.  They are really friendly and always sit next to the investigators and explain everything.  They also come with us and help with our lessons, which also gives them more friends.  
Today for Pday we played soccer as a zone, which is really fun.  its really fun to play with all the Latino elders.  we all have a lot of fun together.  We went to the mega plaza and looked at all the cool stuff they have there.
Overall, i am loving every moment in the mission.  I have learned a lot how to put my faith and trust into the Lord.  Its amazing how much he blesses me, especially when I am obedient and working hard.  I have already learned and grown so much.  Thanks for all the prayers and support.  Just know that I am working hard, loving every moment, and trying to do my best.  I have never been Happier in my life. 
Elder Travis Ward

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