Travis' Mission

Travis' Mission

Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 more days until I am in Honduras!

This week has been fantastic.  I have learned and grown so much this week.  On Thursday i found out that I had Bronchitis, and i have been coughing for the past 2 previous weeks.  I went to the BYU health center, and they gave me some drugs.  I stayed in my room all day Friday because i didn't feel to good and i didn't want to get any of my district sick (i already got 2 of them sick).  I asked for a priesthood blessing, and ever since then I have been feeling much better, and the cough is at a low.  Its amazing how powerful the priesthood is.  It was really cool because my whole district stood in on the circle, and my companion and district leader spoke. 
I teach 1-4 lessons each day to my teachers and to others in my district and zone.  every time i teach I feel that my teaching ability and my Spanish is improving so much.  I feel more comfortable and confident with my Spanish every day.  I cant wait to go to Honduras in 10 days when i will be completely surrounded by Spanish, which should help so much.  One of my "investigators" (my teacher acting out one of her old investigators from her mission in Spain), has committed to baptism, and we are holding a mock baptism on Saturday.  My other teacher Hermano Jimenez is from Mexico and served in Mexico.  He speaks really fast, but he has helped me a lot with my Spanish, and i can understand most things he says.  He is such a great teacher, and i learn a lot from him every day.  He is such a great example to me, and i hope that i can be like him. 
This past Sunday I have been called to be District leader.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to lead, especially because my district is so amazing, and I love them so very much.  We are now the oldest district in our zone because last we the older district all left to Argentina.  It was hard to say goodbye because I was very close to them. 
Overall, I love being a missionary so much.  I am grateful for the opportunity i have to be a representative of Jesus Christ and to bear his name on my chest.  I love what I am doing, I love the MTC, I love serving, I love my companion, I love my district, I love being a missionary, and I cant wait to go to Honduras in 10 days.  There is no other place that i would rather be than on my mission, and i have never been happier in my life.
Thanks for all the support, and I love you all very much.
Elder Travus Jay Ward

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