Travis' Mission

Travis' Mission

Monday, November 14, 2011

Shaky bridge over troubled water

This week was excellent, and I love missionary work so much. Being a missionary in Honduras is so much fun. I love the country, love the people, love the culture, and love the food.

So many things happen each week that I have no idea where to start. The ward leaders are really pushing hard to get the members to help with the missionary work. The stake president challenged every family to find a new family for us to teach. The goal is to have the members find families for us, and we do all the teaching. Its so great to have the members working with us. We have had a few meetings with the leaders of our ward to talk about our investigators, what we need help with, and what the members can do to help us. We now have a schedule set up so each group of the church is going to help us each day. We also have gone on a few splits with the leaders. One missionary going with some priesthood to visit our investigators, and the other missionary going with the priesthood to visit inactive members and find new families. The ward is helping us so much, and it is such a blessings. we have found and taught more families with the help of the members. The missionary work force is so much stronger with the members working with us.

There was and activity where come of the women in the ward played soccer at the church. Our super amazing investigator Georgina came and invited who friend Rosy, who is also an investigator, and they played soccer with the rest of the women in the ward. We talk them a lesson while we waited for the women to show up. And then we stayed because there needed to be priesthood there to watch them, and we played with them. It was a lot of fun, and the investigators loved it. They were able to really get to know the women of the ward, which is great. Then a bunch of the young women came and played, and everyone was so surprised at how good I am at soccer. People think that just because I am a Gringo that I cant play. Well I showed them by scoring 7 goals against them.

It rained a lot this week, and there was mud and water everywhere. It was so bad that the kids went swimming in the streets. The kids are so funny here. The kids love talking with the Gringos. Because of all the rain there was a lot of mud everywhere because all the streets are dirt. I took a step where it looked solid, and it wasn't. Lets just say that my foot and leg went in the mud up to my knee. It was awesome, and i couldn't help but laugh. The members and investigators made comments the rest of the day, and it was great.

We found many new families this week. The gospel blesses families so much, and it is so great to invite the spirit and gospel into their lives. Familia Salines is one family that really loves the gospel. The first day we found them we taught them lesson one, gave them a book of mormon, and the accepted to be baptized. The only problem is that they aren't married. The second lesson we taught them we found out the husband read 10 chapters of the book of mormon, which never happens. we gave him another chapter (2 Nephi 31), and he read the whole thing while we talked to the wife about marriage. They came to church yesterday and they stayed for all 3 hours and loved it.

To get to that family we have to cross a bridge. The bridge is really shaky and scary, and it reminds me of Emperors New Groove. it is about water that is really dirty and smells amazing. This shaky bridge over troubled water made me think about my mission and my life. It also made me think of a spiritual message that i would like to share...
Life is hard. However hard we try, there are always bridges that we have to go over, and waters that we have to cross. Sometimes we may feel like everything is going against us. Sometimes we feel like the bridge has no foundation, or that the ropes are going to snap, or the wood planks are going to break. We all have these feelings in life. But I promise you that there is always a solid foundation at the end, and that we are never alone when we cross the bridge. Jesus Christ has promised that he will always be there for us, and that he will be there to carry us during our times of need (refer to Footprints in the Sand, its really good). he has promised that he will always be there for us, and that his angels will be there to bear us up (D&C 84:88). I promise that if you put your faith in Jesus Christ that he will help you cross the shaky bridges in our lives. I testify that if you have faith, pray, and never give up, that you will be blessed in so many ways.

"When everything says you cant, believe in the part of you that says you can." (MTC Fireside)

When you feel like the whole world is against you, remember that planes fly with the winds against them."

"You dont grow when you don't have resistance."

"We will all experience those broken times, when it seems we will never be put together again. But Sunday will come. May we remember, no matter how dark our Friday, Sunday will come." (Joseph B Wirthlin)

"It doesn't matter how many times we fall, it only matters how many times we get back up."

I have a strong testimony of Jesus Christ. He has suffered everything that we have felt, and he knows exactly what we are going through. If we just believe and but our faith in him, he will bless us and help us through our trials.

Overall, I am doing fantastic. I love my mission so much. I have never been happier in my life. Thanks for all the support and prayers.

Elder Travis Jay Ward

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Location:Seis de Mayo

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