Travis' Mission

Travis' Mission

Monday, September 26, 2011

First week in Honduras

This first week in Honduras has been amazing.  I love it so much here.  The flight was great, and i had no problems there.  when we got into Honduras, it was pouring rain.  after passing through customs, the mission president his wife, and the APs were there waiting for us.  The first thing we did was ate food, and we had Baleadas, which are really good.  It was really late when we left the airport, so we stayed the night at the secretaries house.  It is really humid here, and and I was sweating just sitting around.  We had breakfast at the presidents house, went to the mission office, they trained us and told us about the rules, and then we went contacting in a park.  It was really fun, and we were able to talk to a lot of people.  We had dinner at the presidents house which was really good Honduran style chicken.  On Wednesday all the missionaries that were changing met at the stake center in San Pedro Sula, and after our meeting I found out who my new comp was.  His name is Elder Neher, and he is from Arizona.  Our area is called Seis de Mayo, and it is 30 minutes outside of the main city of San Pedro Sula. 
Honduras is so amazing and so beautiful.  we started working as soon as we got to our humble house.  The house is kind of small, and really dirty (mainly because the previous elders weren't very clean).  The shower is a bucket and cold water, which is awesome.  Our very first day were got right to work, and we contacted and taught many lessons.  The people here are so amazing, and they are very receptive of the gospel.  and even if they are not interested, they will never slam the door in your face (mainly because there are no doors, and most people are outside in the shade).  The Spanish here really isn't as bad as I thought, but I still can't understand everything.  I still have a lot of work to do with my Spanish, but I can teach in Spanish, which is important.  we met this amazing guy named Darwin, and after a few lessons he is willing to give up smoking and sleeping with his girlfriend because of his strong faith.  We challenged him to baptism, and he accepted.  there have already been many great experiences like that. 
Me and my companion get along very well, and he is such a great example to me.  He helps me with my Spanish, and he is great.  he is actually a really big ban geek just like me, he plays the trombone, and he did marching band.  he loves to talk about band, and of course so do I.  We work well together, and I am so excited to continue to work with him. 
Our neighbor is from the ward, and her name is Elsy.  She is really great and funny, and she irons our shirts, and buys us juice all the time.  We have lunch every day at another ward members house, and they always make amazing Honduran food.  They have a bunch of kids, and they are a lot of fun to talk to.  They tried to get me to say a Spanish tongue twister, but i cant even say an English tongue twister.  The people here are great, and everyone loves and respects the missionaries.  we have dinner every day at members homes, and it is always sooo good.  I love showing them pictures of my family, and the snow, and I always show them my twin, and they never believe me. 
We have many investigators, and it seams like we find a few more every day.  We found a really nice lady named Carmen yesterday, and she let us right in and we taught her the first lesson.  she had a baby, and during the lesson she whipped it out and started feeding her baby.  I actually wasn't shocked at all, and it felt normal.  I just kept teaching, and i am glad that when I teach I always look them in the eye. 
Melvin is a great guy who was living in Cali for a while, but he got deported back here.  He was having a hard time because his family is still in the states.  He is a member, but he had many trials, and we are getting him back on the road.  His English is very good, and he only lets us talk to him in English because it reminds him of being in the states.  He is one funny guy.
The area that I am in is huge.  It takes 45 min to walk from one end to the other.  but I love it so much.  the houses are all made of cement, and they all have tin roofs.  I was surprised to see that everyone has a TV, even though they are so pour.  There is a really nice house nears where we live, and they is because the are the Drug lords of the area.  They actually keep the area safe because they have people go around at night with guns to make sure everyone is safe, and in return the people pay them for the safety.  We don't have to pay because they know who we are and what we do.  Because of them our area is safe.  At night the area is like a scary dark ally in a bad dream.  I feel like I should be scaried, but I am not.  I know that while I am a missionary and I am serving, I will be blessed. 
Being in Honduras on my mission is a dream come true, but better.  I have never been happier in my life.  The people are wonderful, the food is fantastic, and the country is beautiful. 

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