Travis' Mission

Travis' Mission

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I love the MTC so much

Being at the MTC is such a wonderful experience.  I am trying to enjoy every moment that i can.  I many cool experiences all the time, and i wish that i could tell you everything. 
My ankles are doing much better.  I can run and jump with a little pain.  I have been playing volleyball the past week, but i have to wear braces on both ankels.  I am actaully very grateful for the trial i had because I grew a lot closer to Heavenly Father.  I know that i will have plenty of trials in my mission, and i cant wait to face them head on.  I know that if i pray, have the spirit with me, work hard, and be positive that i will be able to get through it.  a quote from an amazing MTC devotional says "when you have the holy ghost, you can do anything". 
I have been teaching 2 mock investigators (which are my teachers acting like one of their investigators from their mission).  Even though the person is "not real", the situation is real.  I have learned and grown much from these teaching experiences.  I am also forced to learn spanish faster to communicate with them well enough so that i can teach them the gospel and help them come closer to christ.  My spanish is coming along very well, but i still have much to learn.  I ask for the holy ghost to be with me every day so that i can learn the language faster. 
Trevor left for the Guatamala MTC on tuesday.  These past week i was looking for him everywhere but i could never find him.  I wanted to see him before he left so that i could get a proper goodbye.  on the last day my prayer was answered and i saw him, and we took pictures and exchanged bear hugs. 
This past tuesday the president of BYU Cicil O Samelson spoke on being a good example.  he shared a story about how these two missionaries were such great examples that this lady became interested in the church.  One day she decided to chase them down, but when she got close she heard them talking in a very crude way.  Becasue of their example, she became interested in the church, but then she lost all interest.  This shows that we mush be a good example always, especailly as a missionary.  i compared this story to the quote from the movie "Miracle".  "the name on the front is a lot more important than the name on the back.  As missionaries we always have the name of Jesus Christ on our chest, and we need to always act in the same manner.
I love the MTC, i love the spirit that is felt here, and i have never been happier in my life. 
Elder Ward

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