Travis' Mission

Travis' Mission

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Satan is trying to wear me down, but he is unsucessful

This past week at the MTC has been very eventful.  Last Monday (7/25) I sprained my ankle playing soccer.  I had a priesthood blessing and i felt better the next day.  But on Friday I was playing volleyball (with a brace on my ankle), and I sprained my other ankle, but this time a lot worse.  I couldnt walk, and i had to use crutches.  it is still very bruised, swollen, and painful.  I have no idea why or how I can sprain both my ankles within 5 days.  i dont understand because i play sports all the time and i have never been injured.  I have done a lot more crazier things than soccer and volleyball, and i have never been hurt.  And the the very first week i am at the MTC i sprain both of my ankles.  What are the odds?  But i have been trying to be very positive, smile lots, and laugh often.  I know that there is a reason why i have this trail in my life at this moment, and i will do everything i can to bear this trail well.  I know that if i do so, that i will be blessed.  the scripture in D&C 121 7-9 really explains that and has helped me a lot.  But as of right now, i will be styling with 2 ankle braces the rest of my mission while excersizing. 
Other than that things have been absolutely wonderful.  I love the MTC so much, and i have never been happier in my life.  the spirit is so strong here.  I love my companion, i love my district, and i love my zone.  i have been learning a lot in class, and i have learned a lot of spanish.  since the second day, i have been teaching a real investigator named Jiro Ramerez.  it was very scary at first because i didnt know any spanish, i counldt understand him, and his is from mexico.  through the amazing power of the holy ghost we were able to teach him so that he could understand us, and he committed to baptism.  it was such a wonderful experience, and the spirit was so strong. 
The next day after Jiro committed to baptism, i found out that Jiro was actaully my other teacher, and that his real name is Hermano (Brother) Jimenez.  He has been a member his whole life, he served a mission in mexico, and he is from mexico.  Even though the situation wasnt real, it was real to me.  I taught him as a real investigator even when i had no idea what i was even saying.  I loved him so much, and i prayed for him every day.  from that experience i was able to learn so much.  Hermano Jimenez said that Jiro was real because he taught Jiro on his mission.  the real Jiro is now serving a mission.  the expericne was so wonderful, and i was able to learn so much from it.  Our whole district taught him in our companionships, and after he committed to bpatism we gave him a book of mormon, and sang him a hymn in spanish.  it was such a wonderful spiritual experience that i will never forget. 

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